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IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council

Plot No - 7,8.9 & 10,
Sector 126 , Noida, UP.
Pin Code : 201303

We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions. Our team is here to help you with any operational support or information with regards to assessments, certifications, ToT programs, courseware / curriculum alignment.

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Query Related Level 1 Support Level 2 Support Level 3 Support
TPA, NULM, DDG-UKY, Bvoc, CSR, AICTE Technical Institutes, State Schemes
Malkeet Singh Ankit Kumar Singh - Assessment & Certification Lead
Mob No : 8860015676
Ajit Kumar Padhi - Director Operations
Ph No: 01204990128
Email :
Ph No : 01204990198
Central & State Component, RPL, Utkarsh Bangla
Aayush Chawla
Email :
Ph No : 01204990143
ToT/ SMART Accreditation Sudheer Gaur
Email :
Ph No : 7503777038
Courseware /Curriculum alignment Query Shruti Chaudhary Lokesh Mehra – Research & Content Lead
Ph No : 01204990141
Email :
Email :
Ph No : 01204990141
Apprenticeship Program Apprenticeship Team Celestine Shaukat
Email :
Board No: 04066366111
Mob No : +91 9866182541
Girish Kulkarni
Email :
Board No: 04066366111
Mob No : +91 8978844577
Email :
Board No: 04066366111
Mob No : +91 9821536243
Priyanka Bisht
Email :
Board No: 01204990141
Mob No : +91 9988655005
SSC NASSCOM has Zero Tolerance Policy !

In case of any malpractice observed during conduct of assessments/TOT, please highlight the same to us immediately. Our Grievance Redressal team is happy to resolve any issue or concern you may have. Please fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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