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World Skills Competition 2015

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Career Guides Launched
for IT-BPM Sector

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From Convocation to Coronation, guiding you through every single step.



Let's Grow & Work Together

Check out the upcoming events, workshops, and also the internship programs in the IT-ITeS industry.

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Assessment & Certification

Gateway to company’s recruitment site, NAC & NAC Tech.

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Analyst's Desk

Industries views on trends, forecast on requirements and skill gaps.

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Industry - where are we?

Explore four sub-sectors of the Indian IT–ITeS industry for Occupational Mapping, career information and job availability.

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IT-ITeS Workforce Eco-system

List Of sub-sector

Scaling, Quality & Capacity List

Wondering about market trends?

Get industry facts & figures!

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   Career Guides Launched
Post date: March 3, 2015, 1:16 p.m.
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Training Providers

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