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Workforce Market Intelligence System

Work Force ManagmentWorkforce Market Intelligence System

Commonly known as LMIS, is a platform for manpower management that also has the ability to collect, process, analyze, and disseminate labour market information.

WFMIS acts as a one-stop data and information source on the labour/workforce market. Wide variety of data reports can be generated from LMIS along with performing trend analysis and cross referencing.

WFMIS will be a ‘one single source’ of all information available on the workforce. Information therein will be relevant across the industry, trade, geography, and timelines, will cover information on the necessary skills, education, and so on w.r.t. occupations in the industry sector. WFMIS will support informed decision making, by providing research authenticated reliable workforce market information to the stakeholders.

IT-ITeS SSC NASSCOM intends to launch initiatives and pioneer models for scaling quality capacity, address the workforce market needs, and provide information in a centralize database. A systemic approach to change and management of the same is advocated for long term sustainability.

SSC NASSCOM plans to provide the quantitative and the qualitative information and intelligence on the labour market using the WFMIS portal, which will be used for the some of the following purposes:

  • Conceptualize and develop a framework that encapsulates information about the different facets of the labour market.

  • Scope and publish ‘Demand-Supply’ market intelligence regarding requirement at all levels and sectors. Create a single source of all information available on workforce /labour market across the IT-BPM industry.

  • Provide the single source of information as a common window for all information on the workforce/labour market to the different stakeholders, which can include government, employers, job seekers/employed, educational and training institutions, and industry associations.

A number of countries have already setup WFMIS/LMIS. Most countries have chosen to setup a single WFMIS/LMIS whereas large countries like United States of America has multiple statew-wide WFMIS/LMIS. The table below lists the countries and broad-level features of WFMIS/ LMIS they own: 

Sr No.      Country Website URL Council/Owner
1. Canada Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
2. Canada Service Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Center Canada (HRSDC), Government of Canada
3. United Kingdom Office of National Statistics
4. Australia Department of Education, Employment, and Workforce Relations
5. United States of America - New York New York City Labor Market Information Service
6. United States of America - California Employment Development Department
7. British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development (ALMD)
8. Zambia Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS)
9. Jamaica Ministry of Labour and Social Security
10. Europe European Commission
11. Ghana  

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