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Quality Assurance Processes

SSC NASSCOM believes that it is necessary to have a skill development mechanism in place which guarantees the quality capacity of the workforce. In the face of shrinking labour markets and growing international competition it is important to secure the quality scale of the workforce and fulfill employer requirements.

SSC NASSCOM brings together the academia, industry and the government to bridge the gap between the industry requirement and education qualification by establishing standards and providing accessibility to specialized job-related training and general skills development.

The quality assurance process established and followed by the industry is explained in brief as follows:

  • IT-ITeS SSC NASSCOM has undertaken the responsibility to establish Occupational Standards and create Qualification Packs for various entry-level Job Roles existing in the industry.

  • Formal & Non-Formal Trainer Provider Institutions may access and prepare Courses for study in conformity with the established OS & QPs. Training Provider Institution can access already existing certified Courses through bilateral initiatives or develop their own courses for certification.

  • These courses will be certified and endorsed by the Quality Council of India as recognized by SSC NASSCOM.

  • All Training Provider Institution must register to obtain certification from a Certifying Body accredited by NABCB (National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies) in conformity with ISO 17021 for recognition via SSC NASSCOM.

  • The trainers of professionals will have to obtain certification from Personnel Certifying Bodies accredited by NABCB in conformity with ISO 17024 for recognition via SSC NASSCOM.

  • The Assessment for individuals, the assessor and certification of proficiency will be developed in alignment with existing framework of OS & QPs. They will be initially certified by a PCB, accredited by NABCB to obtain formal recognition.

  • SSC NASSCOM will be responsible for maintaining and updating the database of training providers and professionals and act as a liaison between the industry and the trained workforce in the society.


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