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Developing Qualification Packs (QP), National Occupational Standards (NOS)/Occupational Standards (OS) and Model Curricula For Job Roles Qualified in Occupational Matrixes associated with Data Science & Artificial Intelligence


We invite you to participate and submit a proposal  w.r.t. the RFP concerned to address the design and development of job standards regarding  2 of the 9 disruptive technologies poised to architect the digital era in the near future.


The last date for submission of your complete proposal w.r.t. this RFP is  19th April’18. All the requisite details are in the RFP. Click here to access the RFP



In cognizance of the  future of work and the technology enabled job roles in the digital era, the reskilling and skilling imperative calls for immediate attention and action in enabling a relevant future workforce for our Member Firms and the related ecosystem.

Post  a deep dive with BCG towards this rational, 8 new technologies  and Cyber Security were identified  as directly impacting our industry in the immediate and near future. This  research,  basis demand aggregation, has articulated new job roles  which will also enable new job opportunities if it addresses a cross functional industry construct.

The present effort  will be focused on 8 new technologies  like AI, Big Data Analytics (BDA), RPA, IOT, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing, Social & Mobile, Cloud Computing, RPA , AVR and Cyber Security (the 9th); 2 new technologies will be immediately actioned. Refrenece material: finding in NASSCOM-BCG Report Click Here

NASSCOM/SSC NASSCOM will shortly operationalize an online aggregator marketplace, enabling virtual learning via customized learning pathways supported by e-labs and e-mentors leading to certifications (recognition of course completion /proficiency).

I would also like to inform you that as a part of  the legacy we have 48 other occupations across 4 industry sub – sectors and 84 job roles /Qualification Packs which we need to be rationalized  and validated once again -,

Action Plan-  FY 2018-19

Part A: Phase 1

  • Identify, design, develop & validate Job Roles/Qualification Packs, Occupational Maps, Assessment Matrix for Data Science (BDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

          Click Here to RFP

 For any queries, please get in touch with Yudhisther Yadav at

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