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Basic Learning for Future Technologies Platform’ for building industry relevant skills

Basic Learning for Future Skills

Delhi, May 11, 2017: As a part of its consistent efforts in creating platforms to enhance skills and build industry ready talent for the IT sector in India, NASSCOM IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council (SSC) in association with Edcast today announced the launch of the ‘Basic Learning for Future Technologies platform’ website. The website was officially launched by Mr. R. Chandrashekhar President, NASSCOM at an event today.

The NASSCOM SSC Basic Learning for Future Technologies website will give students, universities and corporations, access to basic and advance level courses on the latest in technology. These courses will help the learners gauge the basic concepts of new technologies helping them build their skills to advanced levels thereby making them industry ready. The courses featured on the website are categorized under some of the most important and industry relevant technologies such as Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning Cloud Computing and Cyber Security amongst others, with the initiative also helping learners certify their skills from respected global universities. 

Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman, IT- ITeS Sector Skills Council, NASSCOM who was indisposed was unable to launch the program but said, “With the launch of this website we aim to contribute towards building a platform that will help professionals improve and enhance their skills thereby becoming industry-ready. NASSCOM has always valued the importance of skilling professionals in the fields of newer technologies which are driving change across industries at a global level. We hope that current and future industry professionals do access the website and take full advantage this initiative.”  

Designed by industry leaders, the course content features various learning tools such as videos, and objective based assessment methods creating a conducive environment of learning. The courses have a simple registration process and are easily accessible on both PC and mobile platforms. The website can be accessed from the following link:

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