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Knowledge Cloud for IT Professionals & Students

SSC Nasscom launches Knowledge Cloud for IT workforce, students & Training Service Providers (TSPs) in association with EdCast

Knowledge Cloud
Knowledge Cloud Access

This initiative has been launched to inspire, empower and educate students, employees and organizations with personalized curated content, microlearning insights, and easy-to-use live streaming video.

The innovative program aims to bring daily continuous learning for millions of professionals and students to refresh and build IT skills in cutting edge technologies and growth opportunities.

SSC NASSCOM - EdCast platform provides direct access to internal and external industry-specific experts to capture experiential knowledge to benefit everyone. 

These learning channels will enable Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Associates, Marketing & Sales Leads and many other key roles to upgrade their knowledge as well as help in enhancing their skills at work by spending 10 to 15 minutes a day on the app.

The program lays emphasis on 3 fundamentals:

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