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Using Technology to Enable an Effective Skill Ecosystem




Indian Government has set an ambitious target for skill development to meet its requirement of skilled labour by the year 2022. To achieve this target, a formal skill development structure has been laid down that begins with mobilization of candidates followed by counselling, leading to training and then onto assessment, certification, placement, and monitoring and tracking. However, the rich diversity of the country, cross-cultural differences, local languages, skilling not being considered aspirational, lack of transparency, inadequate training infrastructure etc. are some issues that have made the effective implementation of these processes challenging. It has been felt and widely discussed across platforms that right and appropriate use of technology could help in overcoming most of these challenges and provide a required impetus to Skill India Mission. For example, a technology platform that tracks assessors – their skills set in terms of trades, local language, proximity to assessment centres, and qualification to assess – could help map the appropriate assessment opportunity to an ideal assessor. Similarly, use of 3D animation and virtual reality to facilitate the online delivery of manufacturing training courses could help overcome accessibility and credibility related issues widely prevalent in the classroom training model. A fully-networked platform and a standardized framework could help all skills centres spread across country to effectively communicate with one another and help dynamically aggregate and enable cross-dimensional views of information, in real-time. With the workforce of today spread out across the country, and migration being all-time high in recent years, what is needed is a system that can help service students in any of the centres, and a service that is available to several industries.

With this aim to discuss how technology can be the wheels of skill development initiative, we believe it will also help to scale, speed and bring transparency in the implementation. We think that with technology we can make the program more affordable and acceptable which will directly reflect in enrolments and placements moving forward.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understanding of current technologies used in the skilling ecosystem and how they can be leveraged in trainings across multiple sectors
  • Learning of new technologies that could be utilized for improvements across the skilling value chain
  • Identify best-of-breed technologies and applications in each sub-process of skilling value chain
  • Steps for taking the agreed agenda forward from the workshop

Anticipated Outcome of the Workshop

  • Identification of technologies that could be quickly implemented for improvements in the skilling value chain
  • Roadmap for technology adoption with defined responsibility of each stakeholder

We request the players working in the below mentioned pillar of skill development implementation to submit their application only if the entire solution/offerings are based on technology considering the various existing government schemes.


  1.  The applicant company should have atleast one solution across any process of the skilling value chain, i.e., skills advocacy and promotion, youth mobilization and counselling, content digitization & online skills delivery, skill delivery in classrooms & labs, assessment & certification process, job demand aggregation and placement facilitation, monitoring and tracking, student skill lifecycle management or any other category relevant to skills
  2. After evaluation of all application forms, 8-10 companies would be selected across each process of the skilling value chain
  3. The selected companies would be invited to present their offerings at the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) office
  4. 3 companies would be selected across each process mentioned above by the expert panel at NSDC
  5. The 3 companies selected across each process would be invited to attend the workshop and present their solution to audience represented by Ministryof Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), NSDC, Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) and Training Partners
  6. The company giving best technology demonstration would be felicitated at the formal event.

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