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IT-ITeS SSC NASSCOM has signed QP Adoption Declaration on Letters with the following companies -:

S.NO Company Logo Name of the Company Company Website QP Adoption Letters
1 Company Logo AARK Infosoft http://www.aark.com/ View
2 Company Logo AEGIS http://www.aegisglobal.com/ View
3 Company Logo Ajuba Solutions http://www.ajubanet.net/ View
4 Company Logo AKS IT Services http://www.aksitservices.com/ View
5 Company Logo Allsec Technologies http://www.allsectech.com/ View
6 Company Logo AlmaMate InfoTech http://www.almamate.in/ View
7 Company Logo AMBIS Technologies http://www.ambis.co.in/ View
8 Company Logo American Megatrends http://www.ami.com/ View
9 Company Logo Anu Infotech http://www.anuinfotech.com/ View
10 Arteva http://www.aiivt.com/ View
11 Company Logo Arthayanthra http://www.arthayantra.com/ View
12 Company Logo Ascenders Technologies http://www.ascenderstech.com/ View
13 Company Logo Best of Breed Software Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. http://www.bbssl.com/ View
14 Company Logo Bhaskar Info Services http://bhaskarainfo.com/ View
15 Company Logo Buisess Brio http://www.businessbrio.com/ View
16 Company Logo Cloudstarts Technologies http://www.cloudstrats.com/ View
17 Company Logo Code Tantra http://www.codetantra.com/ View
18 Company Logo Cognizant http://www.cognizant.com/ View
19 Company Logo Concentrix http://www.concentrix.com/ View
20 Company Logo Connect Enterprises http://www.connectenterprises.in/ View
21 Company Logo CSS Corp http://www.csscorp.com/ View
22 Company Logo CyberEye Research http://cybereyelabs.io/ View
23 Company Logo Cyient http://www.cyient.com/ View
24 Company Logo Digiterati http://www.digiterati.com/ View
25 Company Logo E Ashram Infotech http://eashram.com/ View
26 Company Logo Ebizindia Consulting http://www.ebizindia.com/ View
27 Company Logo Edcast India Pvt Ltd. http://www.edcast.com/ View
28 Company Logo ELI India http://www.eliindia.com/ View
29 Company Logo Elysium Technologies http://www.elysiumtechnologies.com/ View
30 Company Logo First America http://www.firstam.com/ View
31 Company Logo Ford India http://www.india.ford.com/ In Print
32 Company Logo Future Focus Infotech http://www.focusinfotech.com/ View
33 Company Logo GENPACT India http://www.genpact.com/ View
34 Company Logo GP Infotech http://www.gpinfotech.com/ View
35 Company Logo HCL http://www.hcl.com/ View
36 Company Logo Headrun Technologies http://www.headrun.com/ View
37 Company Logo Hero Mindmine & Hero BPO http://www.heromindmine.com/ View
38 Company Logo Higher One Financial Technology http://www.higherone.com/ View
39 Company Logo IBuild http://ibhubs.co/ View
40 IKF Technology Limited http://www.ikf-technologies.com/ View
41 Company Logo IL&FS http://www.ilfsindia.com/ View
42 Company Logo Infom Atomicka http://www.atomicka.com/ View
43 Company Logo Infosys BPO http://www.infosysbpo.com/ View
44 Company Logo Infoway Technology http://www.infowayme.com/ View
45 Company Logo Innolat Technologies http://www.innolat.com/ View
46 Company Logo Insights of Data http://www.insightsofdata.com/ View
47 Company Logo Insta Safe Technologies http://www.instasafe.com/ View
48 Company Logo InSyncTech-Fin Solutions http://www.insync.co.in/ View
49 Company Logo Karvy Analytics http://www.karvy-analytics.com/ View
50 Company Logo Laurus Edutech https://www.laurusedutech.com/ View
51 Company Logo Lio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. http://liotrainings.com/ View
52 Company Logo Mazenet http://www.mazenetsolution.com/ View
53 Company Logo Navjyoti Corporate Solutions http://www.ngspl.com/ View
54 Company Logo Neeyamo http://www.neeyamo.com/ View
55 Company Logo Netweb Software Pvt. Ltd. http://www.netweb.biz/ View
56 Company Logo Pilot Fish http://www.pilotfish.eu/ View
57 Company Logo Projeto Consulting http://www.projetoconsulting.com/ View
58 Company Logo RBC, Charter Accountants http://www.rajanbhatia.com/ View
59 Company Logo Reliable Spaces Pvt. Ltd. http://www.reliablespaces.com/ View
60 Company Logo Rishabh Software http://www.rishabhsoft.com/ View
61 Company Logo Skill Cube http://skillcube.in/ View
62 Company Logo Skills Creator https://www.key2know.dk/ View
63 Company Logo Spark Academy http://thesparkacademy.org/ View
64 Company Logo Srinivasan Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. http://www.sssbi.com/ View
65 Company Logo Sundaram Business Services http://www.sundarambizserv.com/ View
66 Company Logo Syncro Serve http://www.synchroserve.com/ View
67 Company Logo Tally Education Pvt Ltd. http://www.tallyeducation.com/ View
68 Company Logo Tata Technologies http://www.tatatechnologies.com/ View
69 Company Logo Tevatron Technologies http://www.tevatrontech.com/ View
70 Company Logo TransForm Solution Pvt. Ltd. http://transformsolution.com/ View
71 Company Logo Tripurainfo.com http://www.tripurainfo.com/ View
72 Company Logo Uniwide http://uniwides.com/ View
73 Company Logo Vertex Customer Management http://www.vertexgroupindia.com/ View
74 Company Logo VR Software System http://www.vrsspl.com/ View
75 Company Logo Wipro Ltd. http://www.wipro.com/india View
76 Company Logo Wipro Technologies http://www.wipro.com/ View
77 Company Logo WNS http://www.wns.com/ View
78 Company Logo Zensar http://www.zensar.com/ View

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