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IT Enablement for Schools

IT Enablement for Schools

IT EnablementIT-ITeS SSC has designed a series of curricula framework that map to the Level 1 to Level 4. These curriculum guideline documents detail the learning outcomes with supporting information regarding ‘IT-Enablement’ in the context of employability applicable in multiple industry sectors. These curricula frameworks, which will eventually be converted into the content, will finally emerge as the ‘Vocational’ track under the NVQEF.

In order to make the teaching-learning process effective at these levels, the curricula framework has been developed based on the Outcomes Based Framework (OBF) for curricula design. The curricula framework highlights an integrated output that encompasses the following for the program:

  • Outcomes
  • Processes
  • Inputs

The curricula framework enables every parameter to be detailed to maximize impact and empower the learner with the requisite skills and competencies toward lifelong learning and gainful employment. The module content identified is followed by a suggested lesson plan and the associated assessments with assessment keys.

Here are the outcomes based framework for various NVEQF levels:

Learning Tracks for NVEQF Level 1 & 2 (507.3 KB)

Learning Tracks for NVEQF Level 3 & 4 (Basic) (607.8 KB)

Learning Tracks for NVEQF Level 3 & 4 (Advanced) (603.2 KB)

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